Shores by Katie Torwalt


“Do everything without complaining” ~ Philippians 2:14

We have seen the goodness of God!

Orphans compete with each other, always comparing and worrying that there is not enough, worrying that if God blesses someone else, they will miss out. Sons and daughters of God who are pure in heart give preference to each other, knowing that there is always enough in the Father’s house.

Heidi Baker

African Children’s Choir

This music is a local language called Luganda spoken in the country of Uganda, Africa. Because it is a language spoken very locally, translations aren’t perfectly available and so below you’ll find the rough translations to English.

Lyrics from the soundtrack:

Nangirira/Omulangira yesu azalidwa/Abengalo mwekubile/aba endere/mwe kubile/wolaba bayimba/nga yesuyaliwo/Wolaba bakyakala/abana ba muno.

I’ll announce it, I’ll joyfully scream it from the mountaintops, that Prince Jesus is born!
Clap your hands and those of you with Trumpets, Harps and Whistles blow them!
Where you see people singing and praising, just like they do in Jesus’s Presence
Where you see people rejoicing and celebrating, rejoice with them.