“Do everything without complaining” ~ Philippians 2:14

We have seen the goodness of God!

Orphans compete with each other, always comparing and worrying that there is not enough, worrying that if God blesses someone else, they will miss out. Sons and daughters of God who are pure in heart give preference to each other, knowing that there is always enough in the Father’s house.

Heidi Baker

Is African Charismatic Christianity a Counterfeit?

A great article from Charisma News. Here’s my thoughts on it
Our revelation of Christ is definitely influenced by upbringing, culture in which we are situated. Society in many ways is what makes us human. Paul realizes this when he states in Romans 3:23, but by the Grace of God and his wisdom, Holy Spirit uses our culture, upbringing to bring out the best in us through his Spirit in us. Some are great in giving, loving and sharing, others express another nature. His desire and aim is for each one of us to grow to the head. Having encouragement and correction is important in this process but rejecting others plainly because its foreign to our understanding is dangerous. If it is the work of God, it will reveal itself sooner or later. Holy Spirit exquisitely demonstrates this when he uses Paul, Apollos, Timothy Peter, John in the New Testament. Each one very different natures of Christ, but each showing a depth each one of us can strive towards. To perfection.


The Court Of Jesus

If God forgives us we must forgive ourselves otherwise its like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him