A Shadow of A Doubt

I thought this piece was excellent. It captures the awe of growing up in a Christian home. In its own unique way, it captures like a timecapsule moments and experiences I went through. I found my parents’ faith similarly very intersting and inspiration. At the end of the day there will come that individual decision where one must believe for themselves and not on account of someone else.


“Do everything without complaining” ~ Philippians 2:14

We have seen the goodness of God!

Orphans compete with each other, always comparing and worrying that there is not enough, worrying that if God blesses someone else, they will miss out. Sons and daughters of God who are pure in heart give preference to each other, knowing that there is always enough in the Father’s house.

Heidi Baker

From Father of Comfort by Basilea Schlink


Suffering creates glory. Yet so often we are unhappy in our suffering. Not a glimmer of God’s love, comfort and glory penetrates our hearts. But our heavenly Father, who is love, knows what will comfort us. He urges us not to bear our cross like a slave who is forced to, but out of love for Jesus. When we bear it trusting in the Father’s love and committed to His will, then our cross will begin to shine. We will become happy and we, too, will shine in His love.

From Father of Comfort by Basilea Schlink
2 Corinthians 4:17