Is African Charismatic Christianity a Counterfeit?

A great article from Charisma News. Here’s my thoughts on it
Our revelation of Christ is definitely influenced by upbringing, culture in which we are situated. Society in many ways is what makes us human. Paul realizes this when he states in Romans 3:23, but by the Grace of God and his wisdom, Holy Spirit uses our culture, upbringing to bring out the best in us through his Spirit in us. Some are great in giving, loving and sharing, others express another nature. His desire and aim is for each one of us to grow to the head. Having encouragement and correction is important in this process but rejecting others plainly because its foreign to our understanding is dangerous. If it is the work of God, it will reveal itself sooner or later. Holy Spirit exquisitely demonstrates this when he uses Paul, Apollos, Timothy Peter, John in the New Testament. Each one very different natures of Christ, but each showing a depth each one of us can strive towards. To perfection.

Raise the Banner – Audio Adrenaline

Here they come, we are surrounded
We’re outnumbered with no place to run
So we’re staying here, lifting up a prayer
Deliver us

Hear that voice there you shall not fear
You shall not fight watch me here
Can we really stand fast while the enemies advance
We swore to believe so no matter the chance we sing

Raise the banner high march with I and I
Lift your voices up loud and high
Strength and unity, faith and victory
Let the battle rage on we cry

Here we come, and we’re lifting praise
Our battle cry, is giving thanks
Hear the people sing Hallelu
His mercy reigns, His word is true

Put the armies in the back and the singers in the front
We swore to believe so no matter the chance we sing

Whom shall we fear, no one, no one
We put our weapons down
Whom shall we fear, no one, no one
We raise up worship now

Romans 8:2

Right now I’m looking at a plane flying over my house and I wondered what makes that big object defy gravity and fly freely through the sky? The Holy Spirit reminded me and said, “what makes that big plane defy gravity is that right now he’s operating under a greater law called the THE LAW OF MOTION. I learned that the Law of Motion is basee on 3 things:
1. 1. An object cannot move forward or change direction by itself, it needs A GREATER POWER to do it.

2. Objects will move farther and faster when they are pushed harder by that same POWER.

3. When an object is destined to go in one direction, there is always a resistance of the same size in the opposite direction, and in order to break through this resistence, they need a GREATER POWER behind them.

Beloved, this is called The Law of Motion. But Jesus Christ has given us a greater power than that which makes a plane fly. The Holy Spirit’s Power in you will help you move forward and help you change any wrong direction you may be going in. This blessed Power will also help you go farther and faster when He is working in you. The Holy Spirit is not only the wind beneath our wings, but He is also our engine that helps us “BREAKTHROUGH” every resistance working against us to reach our destinies. Oh what a power. Oh what a friend. There is no greater power in the world. His power defies all other powers, and His Law defies all other Laws. Are you blessed by Him? Share with 3 people to encourage them.
Evangelist Ed Citronnelli

And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the LORD
Ezekiel 38:23

For indeed He was crucified because of weakness, yet He lives because of the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, yet we will live with Him because of the power of God directed toward you.
2nd Corinthians 13:4

but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness, 24but to those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.
1 Corinthians 1:24

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,to obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven for you,who are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time
1 Peter 1:3-5