The Longest, Toughest Race In All Universe #Olympics #London2012

Following Jesus Christ
1. Its a tough fight and it’s not easy but if you hang onto the champion, you’ll be a champion. He is able to provide John 16:23
2. It’s a good fight, actually its the only thing worth fighting for in a world where everyone is out to get supporters to fight for their causes.
3. It’s a long fight, in a world defined by fast food, fast money, fast relationship, we have to keep a relationship with Jesus, it’s not about tying the bow with Jesus and getting into Heaven, but overcoming Life by getting your priority straight, walk with Jesus daily.

Don’t get out of the fight, do whatever it takes to stay excited and keep running

When you get discouraged always look at the flag of our army, that is still waving, the empty cross.

He Overcame


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