Jesus – Intimacy With Jesus

You know when we are away from Jesus, life is chaotic. There isn’t a blessed moment in that day. When we are away from the Lord, there is darkness, pain, suffering, sorrow, confusion and agony. But when we draw close to Him and it is so easy to draw close to Him. You know the reason we don’t draw close to Him is because the ground of prayer has become so hard because of neglect. People have neglected Him so long that their relationship has dried up. Well, He has not changed. His heart is still the same. You have these ideas in your mind what He might do to you or the way He might look at you or maybe the way He may treat you now that you have forgotten Him. I have news for you, He has not changed. He loves you now just as much as He loved you then.

Honestly, if you stay away from Him, your life is not worth anything, not even a drop. Your life is so miserable. There’s such death and such confusion, pain, sorrow, suffering and it doesn’t stop. Without Jesus there isn’t a moment of peace in your life, no, there is a place of quietness near to the heart of God.
There is a place where sin cannot molest near to the heart of God. Why don’t you just get back to that place. There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God. Bring all your misery, sorrow, trouble, pain, confusion, your sickness and your trouble. Not only will your sickness leave but your trouble will also leave. He drives everything that aches your heart out and gives you such a indescribable peace. Let Him into your soul. Spend more time in prayer, anytime and everywhere. Touch Him, and let Him make you whole today. It is Jesus we want and Jesus we need.


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